Match Report : South Africa 0 vs 1 USA - M +40

The USA. “Everyone likes to beat the USA”. It’s  what the Aussies said to us from the side of field before the game. Truth be told that wasn’t our motivation. We saw them beat New Zealand in the dying minutes a few days earlier and we knew it would be tough, especially after our effort against the Aussies. 

It was tough but more accurately, very frustrating. 8 unconverted short corners and at least as many misses ... against a lone goal from the USA in the first half, left the USA celebrating and the 40+ contemplating. Take nothing from their effort but things didn’t go our way, and now it’s the Kiwis (that matched the Aussies in their 1-1 pool game today) on Wednesday that stand between the 40+ and possibilities of making the top 8. 

Notable performances from Brian Maginnis, Dale Griffiths and Ryan Beukes.