Match Report : South Africa 3 vs 4 Australia - M +40

The game against the Aussies was highly anticipated even before the pool games were announced. Lance Maree’s chargers were up for this one. If not the reigning 40+ champs, they are a hockey nation of great pedigree. The game was played on a quicker pitch against quicker players, with more structure and no shortage of skill.  A p-flick was conceded in the first quarter and Aussies went up 1-0. Not long after Mark Bredin latched onto a ball at pace near the 25, entered the D at pace from an acute angle and well … roofed it. A goal of the highest quality brought SA on level terms but the Aussies came back and by half-time the score was 4-1. The 40+ were not done. Dale Griffiths entered the D from the right flank and forced a save that deflected to Darren Olivier, whose close-range flick struck an Aussie defender, forcing a penalty flick that was coolly converted by Sean Mulligan. Late in the game Lance picked up the ball in the midfield and found Mark Bredin who clipped it past the keeper and halfway up the net, sealing off a memorable game for him and the 40+. 3-4 and a team performance that left much to be proud of.

Men of the Match - Lance Maree & Mark Bredin